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Cummins & Brown - Attorneys at Law

Cummins & Brown LLC is a team of experienced, nationally acclaimed attorneys providing effective legal services to businesses, investors, individuals and educational institutions. Innovation and focused expertise are Cummins♦Brown's stock in trade.

For over twenty years, the Cummins♦Brown Team has delivered results for goals and objectives set by its clients. See the individual Attorney profiles for descriptions of those achievements for clients.

Team members counsel on financial matters and corporate governance for its clients.

Team members have represented charter schools since Ohio authorized their opening in the 1998-1999 school year.


Business Formation and Development Corporate Governance
Securities Fraud Litigation Protecting Shareholder Rights
Representation of Educators and Educational Institutions Civil Litigation
Trade Secret and Noncompetition Protection and Enforcement False Claims Act and SEC Whistleblower
Advisory Services to Corporate Officers and Directors in Compliance and Enforcement Matters